Sunday, October 25, 2009

An Invitation

Tonight I decided to sit down and share my thoughts surrounding our house fire. They aren't too put together, but after a crazy day, and a day of trying desperately to process my feelings, it's all I have. I really didn't want to do two posts of the same thing, so I wanted to invite those of you that loved us through that time period to visit our family blog. It's also an amazing little girls' 1st birthday on Friday and I will be doing some posts on her as well :)

If you are interested in the link, please email me at and I will send it to you.

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  1. Well, girls, I'v popped in to see what's been going on over here! I see the busyness of life has taken over! LOL! Just wanted to say hello!

  2. Wow! How are we going to deal with all these comments and the hordes of traffic we're getting?! lol

    Are you still going to do a post about Miss Precious?

  3. Yes! LOL! I'm definately working up an email on little Miss Precious (love that). I'm sorry it's taking me longer then I would like. I actually pretty much ended up in bed as soon as her party was over and stayed there all weekend. Yikes! When are we going to be done being sick. I will get going on that post though, so expect it in the next couple of days.