Monday, September 14, 2009

So my commitment to blog at least every-other-day has flown out the window. Had you noticed?!

I do have an excuse for the weekend: I was at a church women's retreat. It was fun, especially because I got put in a room with the other 3 Americans that went and we all went to bed at 10pm while the rest of the ladies cackled and howled into the wee hours of the morning. We were up at 5:45 and by the time we were freshly showered and made up everyone else was yawning, waiting in long lines for one of the 4 showers. Ha! It's the only way someone like me survives these things: sleep and shower.

And now for the excuse that will keep me away from the computer till at least Wednesday: I've become a Pampered Chef consultant. Or, more accurately, I will be one after my first show tomorrow night. I Am Nervous!!! And it's not like I know this nice gal that's agreed to let me learn what I'm doing while she and her friends look on; she's the hairdresser I went to for the first time last month! Then on Saturday I have my second show, for a good friend who is helping me out while earning oodles and oodles of free and half-priced high-quality kitchen products. (How'd you like that plug for the biz?!) Then 2 more shows next week, and 2 more the week after... Hopefully the bookings continue and I figure out what I'm doing quickly.

Anyway, I'm in the last minute panic of trying to learn what all the products are called and what they do and why they're better than your average Walmart stuff. I also have to think up a snazzy presentation and make sure I have all the forms and do-dads I need. Oy. I'm off to the store right now to get name tags and pens, and maybe a food scale (cuz they use those here).

So while I'm temporarily away from the blog, keep me in mind. Say little prayers for me, for confidence and grace. I'll be back Wednesday with a summary of the nights successes and challenges.

;) Ciao!

~REESE (I accidentally erased my little name image, and I don't want to go through the necessary steps to reclaim it.)

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  1. To get your name (but maybe only for one time) you can go to one of your old posts and act like you're going to edit it, do the edit html, copy the code for your name thingy, and paste it in the new post.

    I had a friend in NJ who was a PC consultant. I had a show for her, and my next door neighbor booked a show off of me. My PC friend had a death in the family and had to leave town when she was supposed to do my neighbor's show, so we decided I would just do it for her. I had a $600+ show for her! I made something I knew how to out of the PC stuff, and oodled over the stuff I loved, which is too much of the PC stuff, and I could without it seeming like I was just trying to push it. It was too much fun!!!

    So now you have another reason to get Tim to let me come visit you. I can organize for you and do a PC show or two to boot. Oh, and you could mark that "meet Kayren before you die" thing off your list.

    Think he'd go for it?