Sunday, December 21, 2008

May He Rest In Peace

A sad thing has happened at our home. It has been snowing for days and is freezing outside. Yesterday when I looked out our kitchen door I realized that there was a figure laying in the snow. Someone tried to get in, but the door must have been locked and he couldn't get in.

Poor Grover. May he rest in peace.

Now Dan has sat him up and it looks like he needs a big cup of hot cocoa!

Like Reese has said, we have found Narnia. This weather has been absolutely crazy here. It has been snowing for days and it look as if it will continue snowing for several more. I personally hate it, but the kids are having fun. Living out in the country has given them ample opportunity to play in the snow and sled.

The highlight of my day has been spending time holding McKenzie!

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  1. Mckenzie looks amazing. She is growing so much. Kiss her for me...


  2. I'm cracking up over poor Grover:) The snow is beautiful and so is your precious niece! How wonderful to spend the day with her!

  3. LOL! Poor Grover! You guys crack me up. Who knew this would be the Arctic Blast that killed a childhood icon.

    Beautiful McKenzie! She is getting so big.


  4. The Grover thing is hilarious...

    Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of picking up the "Know and Tell Friday" meme again. I see that it has been passed onto a friend... It is a bit hard to keep up with :)

    I am thinking of making it fewer questions.. Anyhow as I told your friend, she can keep her own going even if I do pick it up again.

    Happy New Year to you both... Kim

  5. Heather...I began reading this post with such dread!!! Then, to discover "the body" belonged to Grover! NOT to disrespect Grover in ANY way but so glad he will eventually recover!

  6. That is funny about Grover!

    So glad you got to snuggle with sweet McKenzie.

    We have Narnia lamp posts in our neighborhood. We love watching it snow at night when they are lit up. Since we love the movies, it's an extra special thing for us.

  7. What beautiful snow pictures...poor Grover!

    And lovely precious!!!

    Sorry I've been away so craziness led right into the new year here. Didn't even get a chance to post on my blog much, let alone check out any others. But I'm back now, and hope to catch up soon.

    Missed you all!