Monday, January 5, 2009

The Silence Is Broken

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy One Year Anniversary to Us !!!

Have you wondered where we went? Well, we have been celebrating Kicking It In Crazyville together, in person! Yep, Reese and I have spent the last two weeks together, or together as much as possible.

I don't even know where to begin. We had an absolute blast.

We have several traditions that we have when we get together. One is have as much fun as absolutely possible, talk until there is nothing else to say, visit our local tea parlor and go second hand book shopping. We were cutting it close but on our last day we accomplished the tea parlor and the second hand book shopping.

I actually just wanted to do a very quick post asking you guys to pray for Reese. She left on Friday to head back to England and as of today, has still not made it home. As far as I know, she is stuck in Germany with four kids. She did send an email today and she is hanging in there. She has seen God move in her circumstance by providing the blessing of good friends that she met there when she lived there. The cool thing is that these friends live an hour away from the base Reese is stuck at right now, and they had no clue she was there. They literally just ran into one another and they were able to give her support and help her out. How cool is that.

I promise we will be back with a lot of updates and fun stuff. Thanks for checking in. I really miss you guys and I'm sorry we've been so quiet.

I was going to attach some pics to this post but I am using a new computer and I cannot find the card reader. I am sorry. I will attach some photos tomorrow from work.

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  1. Good to hear from y'all and glad that you had a good time together! Will be praying that Reese makes it home soon.

    BTW, I'm having a giveaway so drop by if you'd like and put your name in the hat:)

  2. The tea shop and second-hand book shopping sound like such fun! Wish I'd been there too. Since Reese is so adventuresome in her book choices I probably wouldn't have had to wrestle her for any. :)