Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Tea Time Treasures

Heather showing off her beautiful signs and pictures prompted me to do something I've been intending to get to for awhile: posting pictures of my newest tea pots and the like. My favorite is still this one, which I found in Heidelberg, Germany. We were eating at a traditional German restaurant on the walkplatz when I realized there was a tea shop directly across the street. While we waited for our dinner to come, I browsed through the store and chose a couple of things to beg Tim to get me for my birthday! This tea pot and warmer are my favorite:

As a going away gift, my friend Jasmine gave me this pot, which turned out to be a coffee pot. My English friends set me straight when I called it a tea pot; apparently tea pots are short and squatty, while coffee pots are taller and slender. This one has a very retro feel and is German as well:

This is one I just got within the past two weeks. I love tea pots with tea light warmers underneath, so I did an eBay search for them and came up with this one right away. It was called a "Princess Tea Pot" of glass and brass. It is very elegant and unusual. Here it is with tea in it:

That same eBay search helped me to find this Japanese pot with warmer that had been purchased in Japan and never used. It came in the original box and the handle had never even been attached. It came with six matching cups.

This is one of my favorite recent finds. I was walking downtown in my town, on the river walk where there are many "charity shops". These are like the Salvation Army stores, only they each raise money for specific charities, such as cancer research. In the window of one of them was this milk and creamer set, priced at only three pounds (about $5.). It's lovely, and very me- though I do say so myself! Note: that's oat milk, that's why it looks a bit dingy!

About a mile from my house is a Garden Centre, which led me to believe that if I was gardener it might be a place I'd like to go. Then a friend told me she'd been to the coffee shop inside the garden center! Upon closer inspection, I discovered so much more than plants and potting soil: they have fish, birds and rodents, the coffee shop, books, candles, gifts of all sorts, place mats and coasters, tea sets... so much I was overwhelmed. Here was my one purchase:

The one picture I really, really, really want to post is one of Heather from my trip back home at Christmastime. Unfortunately, I left my camera with that picture on it at my in-laws' house. Fortunately, I'm going back in a few days and can post it from the comfort of Heather's home. Won't that be fun!

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  1. Loved your collection, Reese! I've seen ones like the silver/glass with tealight and they are so pretty and elegant! You have some really unusual ones.

  2. This post cracks me up. I really love the tea pots. Seriously, every time I see a tea pot I think of Reese and often contemplate buying one, but it's going to have to be the perfect "Reese" pot before I buy it :)

    I've been waiting for that picture to pop up, and since you are here now I'm sure it will be anytime. I'm going to have to defend myself :)