Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Randomness, 'Cause That's All I'm Capable of These Days

I'm going to state the obvious here: my bloggy juices have run dry. I used to balance so many post ideas in my head I had trouble keeping track. Lately... nothing.

There are several reasons, I think. Clearly, my family's loss isn't the least of them at the moment. Much of my mental and emotional energy is focused on my sister and her kids and getting back home to be with them (that's right, I'm still in England).

But my blogging blank-mindedness started before Jonas left us. I suspect that it's partially due to the winter weather. I'm finally getting tired of the gray days and the threats of snow. I'm ready for spring. I need sunshine. I'm craving a good dose of natural vitamin D.

Last week a friend came by to help me clean my house in preparation for my trip back to America. I won't lie: I'm nervous that I'll come back to kids strung out on Kool Aid and frozen dinners, piles of smelly laundry (and/or loads of pink and dingy-colored socks), molding food in the fridge, and a thick layer of dust coating every surface. We thought the least we could do was have it all cleaned before I leave. When she arrived she brought me to 2 bouquets of beautiful spring tulips. I've been staring at them lately, waiting for the spring fairy to emerge and spread her cheer throughout the land. It hasn't happened yet, but the sun did peak out from behind the clouds for a few minutes this morning.

And on a completely different topic:

I noticed a few sprouts on a head of garlic a couple of weeks ago, so I set it in a shallow dish of water. We all enjoyed watching the shoots sprout and reach up to the sky, high and healthy. That didn't last long, because they can only survive so long that way. I untangled the roots as best I could and planted them in a tub. (The same friend who helped me clean said her hubby had grown his own garlic in this way.) Now they're a little sorry looking, basking in the non-sun near my kitchen French doors. I think a few of them will literally bite the dust, but I see hope in a few. If I get the hang of this, I may never have to buy garlic again.

Oohh... Gotta go! I see a few rays of sun...

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  1. I hear ya, Reese! I've felt a little *off* with my blogging lately, too. Sort of uninspired. I've felt completely disorgainzed in real life though and that may have something to do with it.

    Hang it there! Spring really IS on the way (in spite of the clouds). And I hope and pray that you get to go on your trip to visit your sister soon. I've been praying for your family. I can't imagine how tough this is.

    I love your tulips, too! They're one of my favorite flowers. There's nothing like a fresh bouquet to brighten up your day, is there?!