Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Bunch of Randomness

This blog was supposed to be titled "10 on Thursday (I'm too late for Tuesday) but now it's Friday and I can't think of 10 - LOL! I was trying to think of what to write to update you on my life since we have been on bloggy-vacation (sometimes I wish I could go on life-vacation!) and decided that my brain is just a muddled mess and it might be best to just list 10 things that have been going on.

1. On (or about) January 1st, my hubby and I watched a DVD by and we were enlightened. Now, this lady told us everything that Reese has been telling me for years but for whatever reason wasn't getting it. Then we watched the DVD Food, Inc. It's a must get! You can watch it instantly on Netflix if you are a member of Netflix and our eating lives have changed. I am not all the way Vegan but definitely vegetarian, which will shock people off their chairs. I have eaten meat a handful of times since I made this decision and it really grosses me out now - LOL!, plus makes me very sick the times I have eaten it..YUCK! My kids are very unhappy and it's quite the adjustment for them from going from a meat and potatoes home to a veggie & fruit home.

2. Also, around January 1st hubby and I started Financial Peace University. I love Dave Ramsey and have listened to him for years. Dan has never been on board, but boy he is now. We have about 4 classes left and in the last 2 months have paid off 5 of our debts (only 5 more to go, not including the house) and that's a huge accomplishment for us. We are finally on the same page and it's amazing!!!

3. I haven't read any books in months!! I don't know what's wrong with me but I usually go to sleep listening to Dave Ramsey or Judah Smith. I think that by the time my head hits the pillow, I'm too exhausted to even focus to read so these guys just talk me to sleep :)

4. I'm gearing up for my garden this year. Last night Dan & I went to Home Depot and priced how much it's going to cost for him to build me a fence around it. A friend of mine alerted me to buying seeds from this company and I'm putting in my order today. I seriously CANNOT wait!!! I loved it last year, but now that we are primarily eating veggies, it's going to make a huge difference. We also have a Farmer's Market one block from our house. I'm predicting a great summer!

5. Kenzie is doing AMAZING!!! I have the most adorable video of her, but my hubby uploaded it to facebook and then deleted it from his camera. I can't figure out how to get it out of facebook. For those of you who are my friends there, please check out my wall, I'm going to add it there. She can sit for hours at a time and plays with all her toys. She jabbers all the time. She's getting so big and tall and is 19 lbs now. We are so proud of her. Here's a picture of her from Saturday when I went and visited her for a bit.
6. I went with Kyleigh's youth group to Generation Unleashed and it changed our youth group so much! I am so blessed that Kyleigh lets me hang out with her. I know how strange that sounds, but when you have a teenager, you will understand. Our home has turned into the hangout house and I always have 1-2 extras every weeknight and usually an extra 2-3 spending each night on the weekends. It's crazy, but I love it!!! Plus I know where Ky is and what she's doing. I'm blown away by the growth in these girls in the month it has been since GU.

7. Dan took on a second job while we are paying off debt and we both love it. It's actually a process serving job so Dan & I take off for a couple hours a week together and we just get to hang out together. It's so nice for us to spend time together and make extra money at the same time!

I have been working on this for two days and I can't come up with anything more, so there you have it..our life the last couple of months.

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