Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pizza Night

I don't cook. Most of you know that. In fact, I actually don't even enjoy eating, I mainly eat because obviously we have too. I really don't enjoy cooking. I have been really proud of myself because I have cooked dinner for the last two weeks straight, a true record for me.

For Dan's birthday my mom gave him a gift certificate and you know what that man did? He had me meet him for lunch and he spent all of his birthday money on me for kitchen stuff since I have been cooking. I bought a pizza pan (among other things) and last night I decided to give homemade pizza a try. I have always wanted to cook pizza at home but I have always been scared that I would ruin it and it would just be a waste of my time. I am pleased to announce that it turned out AMAZING and my family is now asking I do it every week.

Here was the kids' pepperoni pizza
Here was Dans

Here is mine (minus green stuff!)

I am seriously so pleased with myself. I'm sure those of you bakers are wondering what the big deal is, but to me this is huge and a way I can bless my family.

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  1. Ooh! I'm impressed. Now you should realy go all out and try this AMAZING pizza dough recipe I have. It makes the pizza.

    Keep up the cooking. You're family will think your body has been taken over by aliens.

  2. Emma was just looking over my shoulder, and said that's pizza. I said "yeah Heather made Pizza". and she said "Heather MADE pizza, hmm it actually looks like good Pizza"..... LOL...