Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Ever-Evolving Hair

Getting a hair cut and color can be awfully anticlimactic. I think and plan and think and plan, looking forward to that one hour where everything changes. And then, slowly the bleach is painted in and the rinsing happens and the cutting moves along at its slow and steady pace. After a hour-and-a-half, I look in the mirror and it's done; no fireworks, no rumbling announcements, just a quiet transition from one idea of myself to another. The only time it's a big event is when it doesn't turn out right, and then the event tends to be after the cut/color: the tears, the wailing, the hiding under the covers till I fall into a fitful, nightmare plagued sleep. (An exaggeration? Maybe!)

Since I was in Oregon and Heather helped me turn my black hair into a shocking orange mess with the assistance of bleach in a box covered with lies (black to platinum blonde in 90 minutes? Nope!), I've contemplated going back to my original blonde hair. When I asked my hairstylist Pauline about it, she said I couldn't take it from the current red ("ginger" it's called here) to light blonde successfully. She suggested "heavy highlights" for a couple of visits this summer, eventually switching over completely to blonde. The deed was done this morning.

What do you get when you mix blonde and red? Orange! But it's ok, I still like it. It's kind of funky, which is fine with me. I'm ok with processes.

Please keep in mind that it's been very hot here, about 90 degrees. That might not seem hot to you, but it's not normal here and without air conditioning and with a high humidity level it's miserable. I look like it's miserably hot!

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  1. Okay, seriously, it just looks like a shade of red hair to me. I had orange once in ninth grade during a bad sun-in experiment. Who hasn't? My nightmare started when we tried to darken it and ended up turning me rather black, which does not look good on pale-skinned Kayren. I did fall into a nightmarish sleep. So really, yours doesn't look orange. It looks good to me.

    Oh, and just to make you a little green-eyed, it's something like 63 degrees here today and tomorrow. For the high!!! It's June 30th and July 1st!!! I've dropped off the planet earth or something. I'm still not used to this.

  2. It is pretty much a shade of red hair. She parted it in tiny little parts and bleached every other section. It's definitely lighter but it still has a lot of the red. Like I said, it's a process. Next time it'll be even more blonde.

    63 degrees??!! That's what we had last year, and as hot and yucky as this is, I'm determined to enjoy it. I never know when it'll be back!

  3. I love it! Very cool! You are so brave. We should post pics of the fiasco from my house :)