Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Activities

This summer my kids are staying home and not going to my mom's house. They are old enough to handle most things on their own. I started to panic a little when I realized that for most of the summer they are going to be alone, probably watching TV, playing on their handheld games of choice, talking on their cell phones, texting and playing on the computer. I'm sorry, but that sounds like a lot of lazy nothingness to me, so I started signing them up for various things to make their summer more productive and so they wouldn't have too much down time. I'm overwhelmed with how much I've scheduled in, and I'm not even the one having to do this all. Think I overdid it? LOL!!

  • weekly art lessons for Mark & McKenna
  • four weeks of the summer daily swimming lessons for Mark & McKenna
  • soccer practice for McKenna
  • weekly reading class at the library Mark & McKenna
  • camping for the whole family
  • family vacation to the beach
  • one week of garden camp for McKenna
  • one week of bug camp for Mark
  • family reunions
  • twice weekly gymnastics for McKenna
  • weekly tennis lessons for Amanda & Mark
  • babysitting jobs for Amanda
  • Tennis camp for Amanda

I'm sure that this isn't a complete list, but this list alone makes me tired. How about you guys? What do you do to keep your kids busy for the summer?

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  1. Sean and Kristine are out of school for the summer. K has a summer babysitting job, 2 days a week, but S has very little planned. Zac and Ian are still in English school (2 or 3 weeks left, I think). The older kids walk with me to take them most days, and Sean even walks them to school without me sometimes. It's nice sharing the burden with someone.

    No big plans for the summer, though. Im enjoying a little breathing time.

  2. Since you're not at home with them during the time you're at work, I think it's a good idea for them to stay busy doing a structured activity at least part of that time. They'll probably enjoy it too.

  3. That is quite a list, but sounds like fun! My kiddos are still little, so most of our activities are home-centered. Lots of bike-riding going on and water play (although I only wish we had an actual pool).
    I also plan to visit a few national historic sites that are close by and some state parks, too. I can actually start planning some fun times now that the boxes are nearly gone:)