Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gas Tank Woes & School Clothes Shopping

I finally stepped out of my "back to school denial" phase and took the kids back to school shopping on Saturday. We always go about 1 1/2 hours away because if you buy your clothes in this small town, you will look like every other person in school, and we just can't have that. :) It's a tradition. My mom and this year one of my sisters and the kids all load up in my suburban and head out for a fun day of shopping.

My gas tank was beyond empty as I was leaving for the day. Thank goodness the gas station is straight down the hill from my house and I knew I could coast in if I needed too. I argued with myself over how much gas I would need and decided that if I told the attendant to "fill it up", it would only be about $80 - ouch! So, confident in my thought process, I told him to "fill it up!".

After awhile of sitting there, I could have read a book it took so long, I hear the pump turn off and then the attendant says "Your tank isn't full but the pump automatically shuts off at $100, want me to re-swipe your card and go again?". He thought he was pretty funny! I, on the other hand, saw no humor in the matter. I emphatically told him no, I would take my chances at where the $100 got me. Thankfully, it did get me to the full line.

It leaves me to wonder, is a paid off suburban worth it? I have yet to figure that out.

Regardless of the gas tank issue, we had a wonderful day together. The finale of the day was the girls doing a fashion show of all their new clothes for school. We are almost ready. This weekend will be all about the school supplies and getting organized. Should be a fun weekend. :(

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  1. Jeepers! That's a lot of gas!

    I got a bit less than half a tank in the minivan a couple of days ago and it was $30. I think its about $65-70 to fill it up. What I wouldn't give for the 99 cents gas of a decade ago!

    Good for you on the school clothes shopping. Good luck this weekend too.


  2. I feel your pain - Suburban here too. Four kids, three ball bags with at least one with catcher's equipment, and coach equipment bags - we need the space.

    If gas didn't cost so much, and you promised not to do my laundry, I'd love to come help you organize this weekend. I need a fix!

    ~ Kayren

  3. Kayren - If only you knew how badly I need your help, you'd probably be on the next flight out. You could do our whole house and my office! You could get your fix of a lifetime, and don't worry, I would never offer to do anyone's laundry! :) I seriously am totally ignorant in the organizing department! :(