Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School? No Thanks, I'm in Denial.

Heather emailed me yesterday and confessed to being unprepared for her kids' return to school. Seems she enjoys summer so much she tries to extend it by living in voluntary denial that it's coming to an end. But compared to me this year, she looks like Queen of Preparedness.

My oldest son Sean (who starts high school this year) came home from his friend's house and informed me (with a wild look in his eyes) that school starts on Monday. He told me this last night, Tuesday. I guess it would have paid off to have read all those emails from the school. I thought the BX was weird for having so many school supplies out for so long, and thought my neighbor- who was offering to help my kids find their bus stops- was insanely, overly prepared. In truth, it turns out everyone else is right on schedule and I'm worse than not prepared- I'm clueless.

Needless to say, I spent the day getting school supplies and taking care of other school-related business. I was out for more than 8 hours and now I'd like to fall asleep until it's time to drive the kids to school on Monday.

How about you all? Prepared for the return of school days?

(And in unrelated news, my rice pudding recipe and picture are up at Go Dairy Free!)

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  1. Amanda came to me last week and said "Can you please take me out to buy school supplies?". I told her absolutely not. She was devestated. She said "Well, when will you take me then?". My reply was "September 1st".

    School starts September 2nd! I will not budge in the school department until I absolutely have too. Seriously, I hate the school year. I love the carefree days of summer. School means stress for my schedule, stress for my kids and lots of structure. I don't do any of that well :)

    Reese - good luck getting ready with only a few days notice! I wouldn't have read those emails from the school either!

    Love ya! Heather

  2. That’s great..! You are really very careful for kids and their school supplies.