Monday, August 4, 2008

Spreading a Little "Love", Calvin Klein Style

Read this quote from "Creative Director" Fabien Baron regarding the rejection of Calvin Klein perfume ads by television networks because they contain Eva Mendez flashing a nipple:

"You must be kidding me," Gawker [gossip website] quoted him as saying. "This country needs a new president — this country is so messed up. It's such a joke and it's quite upsetting, frankly, how hypocritical this country has become. It's ok for children to see people killed by guns? Spreading a little love right now would be a good idea."

Is this not utter nonsense? America is "messed up" because the general public doesn't want to see someone's private bits on their widescreen tv's? I'm also fascinated by how that's somehow the President's fault. His idea of counteracting what he thinks ails society is "spreading a little love"... but what he really meant was nipples.

Lord, save us from the nuts!

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  1.'s amazing how someone so logically-challenged became a Creative Director for a major company! Or, maybe it's simply a sad commentary on the warped perspective of our society. Either way, it's utterly sad and disturbing!