Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Rest Of The Story

I guess I wasn't expecting anyone to ask me why that bird is called Heather so I will tell you. And, actually, the bird is called DB (which is a nickname for me, which is yet a whole 'nother story).

I have to tell you the back-story to the story so you can understand the whole story (are you confused yet). My friend Holly is short. She is probably about 5'1. I am 5'6. I hate to say it, but I tease her. My boss, Kevin, started calling Holly a Garden Gnome, complete with the red hat. He always asks where her hat is when we see her. She hates being called a Gnome. I have to admit, I thought it was funny. Shortly after Kevin started calling Holly a Gnome, McKenna and I were watching "Little People, Big World". McKenna looked at me really serious and asks "Is Holly one of those little people?". I laughed til I peed my pants. I immediately called Kevin (big mistake because he has a big mouth!) and told him, and he immediately called Holly. In Kevin's mind, that stuck and now Holly is officially a Gnome. Holly even bought him a Garden Gnome for his yard. After a few weeks of being called a Gnome, Holly announces that I am officially one of those nasty flamingo lawn ornaments. She says I'm all tall and skinny with long giraffe legs. I can't get too mad at her, I mean, I've been calling her a Gnome.

Dan bought that funny bird and immediately named it DB (after me, I have no clue why he did it, but he did). At Amanda's 13th birthday, Holly took one look at that bird, and without knowing that Dan had already named it, she says "You know who that is don't you, that's Heather!". So, everyone calls it DB. They also tell me it's not a flamingo, but a Do-Do Bird.

That's the story!

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  1. Funny story...I think. Now you did expect comments from the other super shorties of the world, didn't you? We band together, garden gnomes that we are, to kick the legs of you tall people who think you are mightier! :)

    I am also 5'1", my mom is 4'10", my maternal grandparents were both in the lower 5' area, Sparky will be lucky if she grows anymore and hits 5", Chatty is now officially slightly taller than me, but she's not going much of anywhere. It's in the genes. Hubby is 5'9", so it's not like there's any Shaq in there or anything.

    I still think your bird is cute. And now I'm curious about the DB.

  2. I am 6'1". Not short. :)

    The bird is cute!!!

  3. Heather, that's hilarious! Thanks for sharing.