Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol: Top 3 Elimination

Okay, let me just say that I am ripping ticked. I went against my better judgment and decided to check facebook before watching American Idol. First thing up was one of my friends from the East coast talking about who gets kicked off. So, as of this moment, I know who goes home. I am going to do a play by play again this week. Hopefully it's okay with you guys, it's easier for me, and I will try not to give it away.

Of course it is dragging on and on. Ryan is calling Danny out and Danny says he's unsure if he'll move on or not. They are showing clips of his return home for a parade. He's very tearful as people are screaming for him. As he states it, it's going from tragedy to triumph. Of course they are not going to tell us at the beginning of the show what's going to happen (even though I already know...insert huge angry face over the fact that I know!!!!!)

Now onto Kris and his hometown. It's so cool to watch the clips of these guys going home. They are in shock over how much people love them. His parents are so emotional over him, he is deeply loved by them. Of course they aren't telling yet (insert another huge angry face because I know).

Now Jordan Sparks is singing. She won a couple years ago. I like her a lot more now that I don't have to see her every week. I couldn't stand it when she was on AI. I'm just fastforwarding it so I can move on.

It's now Adam's turn and his trip home. Man, does he get anymore annoying...apparently he does! Too prove I'm not completely without a heart, they show him going to the children's theater place where he went as a child and he talks with the kids. It was really cute. Okay, can't stand it anymore, fastforwarding again . I love DVR.

Now it's time for Katie Perry to sing and Danny just stated he's done and wants to know what's going to happen and is sick of dragging it on. I agree Danny! Oh nice Katie Perry is wearing this nasty outfit with Adam's name on it. Okay, fastforwarding again! Bummer, I only made it half way through and now I'm caught up :(

The first person competing in the finale is....Kris! Reese you saw the potential there!

Ryan just stated "Who competes against Kris?" The person competing is...Adam. Well, no surprise. To say that I am completely bummed is an understatement. I love Danny!! Insert gigantic, colossal sized angry face!!!! :( I love Kris too, but not sure he can compete against Adam.

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  1. As far as talent and adaptability, Kris already has Adam whooped. Adam is theatrical and can scream. He can't adapt his style at all, and he's creepy. I think Kris can totally win this. Here's my thinking: If all the voters who were behind Danny continue to vote, who will they vote for? Probably Kris. Adam is too polarizing; you either love him or hate him. Chances are, Danny's voters hate Adam. Thus, Kris wins.

    Sorry Danny's gone, Heather. I liked him too, even if I was more in the Kris camp. I doubt we've heard the last of him.

    Don't give up hope for an Adam defeat yet!!!


  2. Funny, Reese, I told my kids and my mom (a Kris fan) the same thing...if everyone voting for Danny votes for Kris now, he has a chance to beat Adam. That's probably how Adam got in...Kris and Danny split the other vote.

    I like Kris fine, I just think Danny had more talent overall than he did. Although I will say his acoustic guitar song the other night really was fantastic.

    I think Danny will probably get a recording contract, so we probably haven't heard the last of him.

    I'm east coast, so if you want to know who wins next week, Heather, tell me and I'll email you privately.