Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top 4: Elimination Night

I'm going to type it as I watch it tonight.

Of course they are going to drag it out tonight with Ryan putting them in their normal line and saying:

Allison is....

Danny is....

Adam is....

Kris is....

The one going to safety is.....Kris! That's awesome. I don't really know if the other three are technically the bottom three or what.

Every week I wonder what star is going to sing on elimination night and tonight I'm thrilled to find out it's Chris Daughtry (No Doubt and Paula Abdul also sang, but Daughtry is the highlight for me). That guy has mass talent! We love watching him. New CD coming out in July, I'm sure Dan will buy it the second it's released. Daughtry is one of the few idols we actually agreed upon. There was no arguing in the house that year :)

This is killing me...who is going home?? I'm going to drag it out for you guys, just like the torture that is happening to me right now. Another commercial, that's the nasty thing about watching a show live. I think this is the only show that I watch live.

I did just realize something. They said that this is the exact week, three years ago that Daughtry was kicked off. It was a total shock, everyone thought he was going to win the whole thing. You think it could happen again? You think Adam could go? Oh, commercial over, only ten minutes left in the show. We'll know in a second.

Ryan just announced it's all random order. The 2nd person safe is....Adam. Okay, so nevermind what I just said. So, it's down to Danny & Allison. The panic is starting!! I'm glad I voted 125 times last night.

The one going home is.....Allison.

Y-E-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My votes counted - LOL!!! Actually, I think that Allison is awesome. I really wish that the three going on would be Allison, Kris & Danny.
Next week will be really interesting. Down to the bottom three.

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  1. LOL! Heather, I enjoyed this write-as-you-watch post! It helped me feel a tiny bit of the suspense.

    Did I ever tell you that I roll over in bed on Thursday mornings, make sure it's past 6 am, then pick up my phone and go to our blog to see the results?! That's how much this Wednesday night/Thursday morning post means to me.

    So, Allison's gone. I liked her, but if it couldn't be Adam it had to be her. Without all your Danny votes, it might have been Danny. Think it was his scream that did it?!

    I LOVE No Doubt. Can't wait to see their performance when it's posted online later.

    Keep Dan away from his phone next week.


  2. I love No Doubt too, but I hated their performance. That's why I didn't write about it. Let me know what you think after you watch it.

    I'm so glad you love the posts! I'm never sure if they are annoying or not :)

    I've still got to get ready for work, so if I don't get back on to comment later, I LOVE the poppy picture, especially having the blurred one in the background. I wish I knew how to really use my camera, all the settings are so confusing. I'm thrilled you get to take a class and learn.

    Love ya...Heather

  3. I am with you Heather. The No Doubt performance was PAINFULL...