Saturday, May 9, 2009

Book Review: The Girls from Ames

For secretaries day my boss bought me this book. Overall I really enjoyed it. It's written about 11 girls that have been friends for 30-40 years and the story of women's' friendships.

There were several things in the book I could really relate to in my own relationships. One was the way one of the women explained what her friendships mean to her. She stated this "Having these women in my world has meant not only acceptance, but radiant joy and laughter that knocks me out of my chair. Through our darkest moments, we have lifted each other up. In every moment of grief we've shared, our laughter is a life vest, a secure promise that we will not go under." That is powerful and oh, so very true. I need my girls, desperately at times. There have been times of deep grief that they have just surrounded me with an "I'm here" and they don't leave. I can never repay my friends for the love they have given me.

There were some things in this book I absolutely could not condone or relate too and greatly disturbed me. In fact when they speak about one friend choosing to abort a child with a disability I almost threw the book away. I chose to keep reading because I was curious to learn about these women and their friendships.

Another thing that was really interesting to me is that they state that life long friends tend to be somewhat distant in their twenties and then in their late thirties they realize how much they need each other and make efforts to spend time together. They say that in their twenties they are so busy getting married, having babies, pursuing careers that their friendships kind of go to the side. Now that I am in my thirties, I see that. In my twenties there are a few of my friendships that I didn't put as much effort into as I should have. Now, I realize how much I need them and I try to make a better effort.

I can't decide if I should recommend the book or not. It was an interesting read, one I could relate to at times and one that disturbed me greatly at times. I know that doesn't tell you much but it is a story about the complete lives of 11 women. There are times of great sadness, hardships, grief and loss and how their friends loved them through it.

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  1. I was wondering what you thought of this one. Thanks for the review.

    Did you see what I'm reading??!! I want to send it to you when I'm done 'cause it makes me smile. Hopefully it'll have the same effect on you!


  2. Oh yay! A book that makes me smile! I did notice what you were reading and was wondering what you thought of it. That's awesome.


  3. You made me cry...


  4. You're so awesome Amy! Thanks for all the "I'm Heres" you've given me. I am so thankful for you!

    Love you. Heather