Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Still On an "I-Love-Kris-Allen" Kick!

And finding new reasons to love him all the time.

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  1. Wow!! That's all I can say!! Thanks for sharing that! I love him more every day and can't wait to see what Danny and Kris do in the future.

    Love ya. Heather

  2. I love that song. That's so cool. I just wonder what kinds of pressures he'll face as a Christian in such a hard business....I just hope he'll stay true to his values and be able to reach a lot of people through his voice.

  3. Mel,

    I wonder what pressure he'll face as a young person, especially one newly married. I actually felt some guilt voting for him early on. The fact that he's a Christian with a strong support system through his family and church encourages me. If he is as sold-out for God as I hear then I think he is living a Christian life as we all should be- humbly and with love among the unsaved without being judgmental. Who knows what sort of witness he's been to Adam and his fellow contestants.

    Wouldn't hurt a bit if he all included Kris and Katy in our prayers every day, huh?!


  4. Definitely! I'm just so excited that he won because he now has a wide open door to a mission field that truly needs someone like him.

  5. Isn't that a great video?!