Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A partial lists of my "firsts" from the past few weeks:

  • I started the camera class. Finally, someone is explaining my Canon to me. My knowledge has increased by 200%, which would really be saying something if I'd had any level of understanding in the first place...
  • I listed to The Beatles. Then I listened to them again. And again. And again. And again. And... I'm not a fan. I wouldn't have even listened the first time, but Tim decided to really acquaint himself with their music, and since his studio is across a tiny hall from our bedroom I had to listen too. I'm glad I was born after their prime.
  • I bought a U2 CD, then I listened to it. I've always had a hunch I'd like them if I took the time to listen. I was only 25% wrong. Yes, I like them minus 25%.... whatever that means.
  • I started reading Peter Pan. JM Barrie had the most enchanting imagination. I hope he's in heaven. I want to chat with him.
  • I met with a neurosurgeon. Fun stuff. He wants to cut my neck open and drill my offending disc out. I'm not so sure.
  • My daughter gave me a pedicure last night. Lucky for me, she's decided she wants to be a cosmetologist. I have cute red toenails right now.
  • I cleared out the space under the window in my bedroom and put a small desk there, which is where I'm sitting right now. It's my space and I love it! I don't have many spaces that I have any control of in my house- my techie husband has indulged in his love of technology and what I want comes second. There was a time that this arrangement used to infuriate me. Now I love him for who he is and appreciate small victories, like desks under windows that are all mine. I have just begun to decorate my space: I have a picture of fairies in a meadow, the pressed flowers my Grandmother framed over my great-great Grandmother's napkin and gave me, a few writing books and my Bible, and a ladybug mug with pens and pencils. My mom called me "ladybug" when I was little. I love ladybugs. I also have pictures of my brother Jason, Jonas, my friends Alberto and Christina and their family, and the picture of me squeezing Tim's American buns the day he got home from Kuwait in 2007. (That's a post I never got to!)
Any firsts for you these days?

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