Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: Top 3

Tonight was fantastic. Danny, Kris & Adam each sang two songs.

The first set of songs were judge's choice. Paula picked Dance Little Sister for Danny. I have never heard the song but he did a great job at it. Randy & Kara picked Apologize for Kris. I have waited all season for Kris to sing Apologize. It was awesome. Randy & Kara were mad because he stayed true to the song. I thought it was a great choice and Kris was smart to do the song as it's written. Simon chose One by U2 for Adam. As usual, I didn't get it and he got on my nerves.

For the second half of the show the contestant's picked their own. Danny picked You Are So Beautiful To Me by Joe Cocker. It's not a song I like but his vocals were right on. Kris did Heartless by Kanye West. The minute he announced his song I was sure it was a mistake but it was amazing! Randy even said it was better then the original. Kris proved how much talent he has tonight. Adam picked Crying by Aerosmith and for the very first time I loved him. He didn't twist it, he didn't dramatize it, he just sang it.

I don't know whose going home tomorrow. I think it's a total toss up between Kris and Danny. I wish that the finale would be Kris and Danny but I highly doubt that's going to happen.

Reese, quickly, very quickly, find Kris' performances. You are going to love him tonight. I just went to the American Idol site but they aren't listed yet. I'm hoping that by the time you get up they are there.

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  1. I'll go look for his performances. I don't think they'll be up till Thursday, at least. They're never in a hurry to get them up online.

    I've heard both Randy and Simon predicting Adam winning this season. Simon thinks the only one who has the slightest chance against Adam is Danny. Even then, he thinks it'll be Adam. Ick.


  2. Hey! They do have the videos up online. I'm watching them now. My opinions:

    Adam: Still don't like him. Didn't like Cryin' either. He actually scares me a little. HATE the screaming.

    Danny: LOVED You Are So Beautiful. And he rocked Dance Little Sister. I don't know the song, but it rocked when he sang it.

    Kris: WOW! Loved both his songs, especially Heartless. He's my boy.

    Don't know if it's any indication of how anyone voted, but Kris and Adam's videos online were rated higher than Danny's. Adam's ratings were higher, with a 4.8 and a 5. Kris' were 4.6 and 4.7. Danny's were 3.0 and 3.7. Clearly, not everyone voting is rating the videos, but it is interesting.

    In my dream, Adam gets kicked off tonight and Kris and Danny duke it out in the finale. I wouldn't even care who won, as long as it wasn't Adam!


  3. I'm totally with you on my dream finale. I really wish that Danny & Kris would be it. I wouldn't care either. I have to be loyal to Danny though. It's what I do. I pick one from the very beginning and stick with him. I have loved Danny's personality, style and story from the beginning but I really love Kris. I think he's awesome too. I hate that one of them will probably go home tonight. It actually makes me really sad. I liked Crying more than any other song I've heard him do, but I still can't stand him. I didn't even feel like voting last night. I think I voted for Kris a few times and Danny like 40..so, I didn't really do my part.

    I guess tonight will be interesting. I'll do another play by play :)