Saturday, November 8, 2008

And Yet, Another House Update

A few weeks ago we were talking about our homes. I don't even remember what was said now, but I do remember mentioning my colorful kitchen and Kayren saying she'd like to see pictures. Right after I got my new camera, I took pictures of the kitchen but never posted them. I decided to post a few. When I get home, my kitchen, and the rest of the home will be changed.

Here is my colorful ceiling. It's very strange and was not planned, but I have learned to love it and I am so sad to see it go.

Luckily my cabinets have survived. I think they are original to the house, and I would be sad if they had to be ripped out.

Here are some shots from the day after the fire. The fire started in our bedroom and the next closest room is the bathroom. Look how hot it got in there, the plastic cups started to melt.

Here are our belongings in the yard. This is a very small, small portion of what was thrown away.

I have been feeling very depleted and depressed. I am working on my attitude during this process. At the beginning I was feeling very optimistic, but the last few days my attitude has been negative. I am sad that when I go home, my home will not be the way I left it. Everything will be completely different. I know that I will end up loving it, but this is a decision that has been taken out of my hands. I am nervous because the insurance company will not pay for everything so we have to figure out how to pay for new windows throughout the whole house and possibly redoing the electrical. I am working hard to be very tight with our budget, which is always a struggle for me.
So far our bedroom has been completely gutted, the bathroom and the hallway. The rest of the house has been sprayed with this strong paint stuff to prevent any smoke smell from coming through once it's been repainted. I was excited to see work started in putting our bedroom back together with some improvements. Dan took down an unusual brick wall that stuck out in the bathroom (and I loved). I was upset until I learned that because he took it down, we will now get a double sink. We only have one bathroom, so a double sink will be awesome. This weekend we will also rip out some really nasty paneling going up our stairs, so I am starting to see some improvements that I will love and am working on embracing the process.
Tomorrow we move into a house. A three bedroom, 2 bathroom house. A house that will allow us to bring in our two dogs and two of our cats. I am anxious about this move because we will be living in close quarters with my boss' best friend and I am just hoping that things go well. It's in their family orchard so it will be interesting. Last I heard we will be out of our home until January 31st.
Sorry this has been such a long post. Thanks to those of you that have made it through. I promise that next week I will work on posting on something besides my house!
P.S. I am so sorry the format is so off, I went back to try and change it, but for some reason, it is not cooperating!

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  1. It's good to hear from you, Heather! I can't even imagine how hard of a process this must be. I think your attitude it amazing! I'm praying that this whole ordeal goes as quickly as possible, if not quicker!:)

  2. Oh, Heather! My heart just aches for you in this situation. I am praying for you and thinking of you.

    I will continue to pray that your "new" house is more amazing than you could have imagined and that in no time it is "home" again!

  3. oh...i'm sorry heather. that's hard. i love your cabinets!!!! i am glad they survived as well. so beautiful.

    thinking aboutyou and praying for you too. xoxo

  4. Before you know it this will be a distant memory. Keep your chin up.

    Love you.