Saturday, November 22, 2008

Please Pray For Jolene

I went to church with Jolene when she was on active duty with the Air Force and stationed at the same base Tim was at. We weren't really close, but I always liked her and felt a connection with her when we had babies around the same time. We've kept in contact through Facebook and our family blogs.

Which is how I came to find out that a seemingly benign lump she found in her breast has turned out to be cancer. I'm in shock over it. Jolene is my age, a young mom. I can't imagine what thoughts must be racing through her mind.

She wrote to me that her boys are on her mind, and her attitude is spectacular- she states with fervor that she will win, not the cancer.

Please keep Jolene in your prayers. Visit her blog here.

Also, ladies, please do breast exams. Honestly, I never do, but I'm going to start. I think I'm even going to request a mammogram. I got an email recently from another friend I met in Germany who has two sisters with breast cancer and she was strongly urging her friends to "FEEL YOUR BOOBIES GIRLS, this is serious." Heather and I laughed about that sentence- while acknowledging the serious nature of the urging. But even that didn't get me thinking like Jolene's news.

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