Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teaching Our Kids About God

I've been thinking lately about how I tend to teach my kids about God almost as a second thought, or without really thinking about it. Sure, there are times we have specific discussions and there are concepts about Christianity I want them to learn and spend more time on, but for the most part I expect them to learn by watching me live. Certainly, it's not a bad thing to expect them to pick it up as they go, but I didn't have to think about teaching them-- or whether or not I should teach them about Jesus. It goes without question that I will teach them about the one true God.

It isn't like that for many parents around the world. To teach their kids about God will surely mean their persecution and/or death. I wonder sometimes if there is a moment's hesitation before they speak the first words of life to their kids. Or is the need to teach them yet more urgent, since their time on earth may be short due to the beliefs they hold? This truth we have is all the more precious and urgent when viewed through the eyes of the persecuted church.

I urge you to keep that in mind today as you interact with your kids.


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  1. its very true, and humbeling. We really take it for granted and focus on our our little lives, the need for prayer for these countries has never been greater becuase the times, they are a changing.. Thank you for the reminder! LA

  2. Great thought...I've been thinking a lot lately how my approach to teaching my kids about God is very "subconcious." I've not considered it in light of the persecuted Church, however. Now I have another great reason to try to be more intentional in my discipleship of my children. Thanks!