Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Update

I know that I said I wouldn't do anymore updates on my life, but I can't resist updating you with this info. Baby McKenzie is coming home today! Can you believe that? I am amazed! I am amazed at where we were 3 months ago to where we are now. We still have no clue where she is at developmentally or where she is at physically, but she is well enough to come home and we will take that news and be infinitely thankful!

When I saw her last Monday she looked great, my sister looks better then I have seen her look in years. McKenzie is currently on a feeding tube, which my sister has learned to use. She does take a bottle as well, but due to the cleft pallet they don't want her using up any energy at all to eat, they want her to get as big as possible so that she can have her first mouth surgery. She had her first shunt put in the day after birth and the swelling is going down. She is responding to people around her.

Obviously we won't know the full affects of the hydrocephalus for years to come, but for now, we will just be in awe of what God has done in little McKenzie's life. The doctors are amazed at her. They said that she is so much better then they ever could have imagined.

There are no other words to say except

We Are So Thankful!

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  1. oh heather, i am so thankful she gets to come home! that is just amazing!

    thinking of you guys tons, l.

  2. Isn't keeping us up to date on your life a big part of blogging? Don't ever hesitate to share...


  3. I am so happy she is doing so well. And good to hear that Bethany is doing good...


  4. Praise God, Heather! I know how exciting and overwhelming that is. I'm so glad to hear McKenzie and Mommy are doing so well. You are all continually in my prayers. Please keep us posted!

  5. My cousin's daughter was born with a severe cleft pallet about 13 years ago. She has been through lots and lots of surgeries. But to make a long story short, today she is beautiful, inside and out. She is such a strong individual, and such a happy go lucky girl, nothing gets her down! And she always, always has a smile on her face.