Monday, January 28, 2008


We're becoming somewhat familiar with the German city of Cologne (Koln in German) as we have stopped there for dinner both times we've had to go to Düsseldorf to take care of our visas so we can live in the UK. We're used to ordering in restaurants after the five years we've lived here, but we're still prone to stifling laughter when we come across funny English translations, such as "rump steak" translated as "rumpuses"!

While walking back from the restaurant to the parking garage where our van was parked we stumbled across a place I had once thought of searching out but had long forgotten about: the perfume museum where eau de cologne was born. Pretty cool, eh?

While walking through the walkplatz (the pedestrian-only shopping area), I came across an H & M store brimming to overflowing with cute bras and panties. I rarely spend much on these essential items, but I couldn't resist the bras designed for wearing under t-shirts (one of my current favorite outfits is jeans and t-shirts, second only to sweats and t-shirts!), and the silky, thin boy-shorts (called hot pants at H & M) that I love. The downside: if I'm going to spend euro on undies, I'm going to have to take care of them. I have a longstanding philosophy that if the item can't be washed in the washer (or dishwasher for kitchen utensils and dishes), it has no place in my house. I caved for these items and washed them in the hotel sink and hung them to dry! I am still in shock at myself!

FYI, here is a great universal care chart I came across awhile back. It explains what I have never understood about those funny little symbols in the lining of my clothes.

(posted by Reese)


  1. The perfume shop sounds like fun! And..thanks for posting the washing instructions. I have been wondering how to wash my coat I bought over there and forget to put it online. Heather

  2. This was a very educational post. I never knew what the dots and lines meant, until now. I liked the post title. I had to re-read it a few times. Wasn't sure if there was a play on words. :) Glad to hear you that you had a chance to explore this area a bit more before you leave. Praying and hoping for that visa to come through.