Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Square Watermelons!

Aren't these watermelons interesting? They are grown in the clear cases pictured below in Japan to fit the precise dimensions of a Japanese fridge! The cost: the equivalent of $82! (A regular watermelon in Japan is $15-25.)


  1. That's crazy! (and, pretty smart for whoever thought that up) who knew a watermelon could be grown that way! LOL! Heather

  2. that is funny I never thought the shape of a fruit could be changed

  3. Where do you get this stuff?
    Very interesting! I agree with yours truly b.

  4. I think it would be neat to try it at home. If I had a garden, and the right tools (box included), and the time, and the motivation and drive, and the will, and the money, and the proper weather, and.... oh, heck, I'll just buy one for $82!!!

    Lisa, sometimes I look for things like this on the internet, sometimes I stumble across them. It's such a huge, weird world out there!

    :P Reese