Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have just caught up with the POM tea craze. When visiting Oregon last month my dad gave me a drink in a POM glass that I really liked so I asked him about it. He raved about the glass itself (and the lid too!) and about the tea that originally came in it. A few days ago at the commissary I remembered his praise of the tea and picked up a few glasses of my own.

YUM! I had the green tea lychee flavor, and I am counting the minutes/hours/days until I come across another one. I may even make a special trip just for a couple more glasses. Tim and Kristine also raved about it.

I only paid $2.11 for each one, but from what I've read online they may be as much as $3 in The States. Kind of a hefty price tag, but on the bright side: you get to keep the glass!!!

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  1. Now, here is something we can totally agree on (as far as drinks go!) POM is amazing! You are is like $3 here..and I only get it on very special occassions..and the glass is awesome too!