Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Heather-and-Reese Facts

  • Heather is 6 days older than Reese.
  • They grew up in the same town.
  • They went to the same high school, but didn't begin to get to know each other until their boyfriends, Dan and Tim, became roommates. Dan and Tim are both very intense people and nearly killed each other on several occasions. Somehow, despite this, Heather and Reese remain friends!
  • Reese and Tim got married just 3 weeks before Dan and Heather did. They are all still married.
  • Heather and Reese are both addicted to caffeine. Heather's beverage of choice: Pepsi. Reese's favorite caffeine-delivery method: tea. Reese doesn't like Pepsi; Heather isn't particularly fond of tea.
  • A couple summers ago, we started an on again-off again tradition of getting our hair done when we see each other. This tradition barely made it through the first disastrous appointment with a well-recommended-yet-unsatisfactory beautician. This winter we tried again: different stylist, better results:
  • Heather lives in Oregon. Reese lives in Germany and will be living in England by the end of this month.
  • Reese rarely meets a dessert she doesn't like, and when she's done with it, her plate generally looks like this:
  • Heather is a pickier eater, and Reese has noticed that when they leave restaurants her dish often looks like this:


  1. I missed this post!! LOL! That is great! In my defense, the dessert wasn't great, I had a fever, and Tim wouldn't finish it for me! LOL!

  2. :) pepsi has become my favorite beverage as ithas been found to greatly aleviate morning sickness! YAH!

  3. I thought you gave up Pepsi and tea you cant go wrong with that I had no clue Heather was older just something we have in comon

  4. I am "older" but only by 6 measly days! LOL!! I attempted to give up Pepsi and there are some days that I have narrowed it down to only a few...but, I am an addict..and again, working on quitting.