Sunday, January 20, 2008

Moving On

“Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.”

~Robert C Gallagher

Well, it's done. We're out of our beloved house for good, and in base lodging for the next week. By the piles of stuff still needing to be sorted through and taken to recycling/Airmen's Attic/secondhand shop, it's apparent that we're far from ready to leave here. Yes, the STUFF is in our hotel. Thankfully, this is the largest and most accommodating lodging facility we've ever seen; it's a converted 3 bedroom apartment with a study. There's plenty of room here for a family of six and a mountainous pile of crap.

We went to our chapel service for the last time tonight. It was bittersweet. It feels like it's time to move on, yet there are relationships we've developed with people that I wish didn't have to end. Military life, with all it's rewards, is a tough life on some levels.

Thanks, Heather, for keeping up with the posting. I'll try to check in again soon, though tomorrow I may be away from the computer again. We're moving onto the new challenge of trying to secure our visas before it's time to leave.

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