Thursday, January 17, 2008

Greens to Go

Okay, so I am always trying new things to help make me more "healthy". Those of you who have been following our other blog, know that I have an issue with Pepsi and love to drink it all day long. I also do not exercise or eat ANY vegetables, and I hate anything green.

During the summer, I rode my bike for an hour every day and drank lots of water as well as almost completely gave up my Pepsi habit. But, winter is here...I hate winter...and, I have gone back to all my old habits. My friend even bought me a bike with an indoor attachment for Christmas so I can ride in the house. I have been on it once.

So, I am going to be in a wedding in about 5 weeks and I really need to get back in shape and lose some of the weight I've gained back. Last week Kevin (my boss/friend) & I went to Costco and we discovered this product. I wasn't going to buy it but in the checkout he says to me very sarcastically "Yeah, you wouldn't want to buy something good for you since you are wonderful at eating your veggies and taking vitamins". He is right! So, I ran back and grabbed it. Now, daily, I am trying to choke down 16 oz of this green (did I mention I don't do green?), foamy drink that tastes like an apple jolly rancher mixed with spinach! Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, I'm doing it..and, maybe tomorrow I'll start riding that bike :)

Posted by Heather


  1. you go girl! you need to lose weight? HA anyway maybe I shoild try it.

  2. OK, that's just gross! Give me a fresh spinach salad with multicolored bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes any day! Foamy green drink that tastes like a Jolly Rancher and spinach??!! Ick.

    There is pure JOY in a dish of fresh veggies sitting near-by as you work in the afternoon. As you snack on them, there's no guilt and you get to eat twice as much as something nasty without consuming all the calories and additives and other garbage that comes in most processed food. JOY, Heather, pure JOY.

    One more time:

    Veggies + snacking = pure joy.

    :p Reese

  3. Okay, okay..I think you may be right! I should go stock up on veggies and keep them in the fridge at work. Seriously, I don't think I can take another sip of that stuff!

    Oh, and I haven't tried V8...but, maybe I should act like an adult and try it :)