Monday, February 11, 2008

I am NOT an Organizing Junkie... But I'll Try

I think deep down inside, hidden between the part of me that doodles and wishes I was a painter and the part that hums and wishes I was a great vocalist, is the ability to organize. I came to this conclusion is 1998 when I got a job at a finance company. I start out as a debt collector, worked my way into the legal aspect of suing the numerous clients who bailed on their high risk loan repayments, then found myself in the position of assistant manager, running the small office when the manager was away. My spotless desk and immaculate desk drawers were a glaring contrast to my comfortably-lived-in-verging-on-out-of-control apartment. When I moved to another, even smaller office as manager I was meticulous in my file keeping- even going so far as to open and reorganize every file in the cabinet so that they were entirely uniform and tidy enough to make the state examiner gasp in happy appreciation. My assistant manager once commented, "I can only imagine how spotless your house must be!" Oy. If only she knew!

I didn't grow up learning housekeeping skills- that ability runs rather shallow in my family- that's how I am fairly confident that I must have a natural ability lurking somewhere beneath my skin's surface. After this move I am determined to force it out of hiding. How much easier my life would have been in the past two months if my house was as hyper-organized as my office once was. With another move facing me in 3-4 years, I don't think it's too early to get started.

I plan to become a faithful follower of Laura, of I'm An Organizing Junkie. That's why she's listed in the blogroll, and why I am adding her Monthly Organizing Round-Up button on the sidebar. I'll post about my adventures in finding my hidden inner Monica (all you "Friends" fans know who I mean), and hopefully find some peace of mind along the way. Feel free to join in, if you have the need and will to do so!

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