Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Ramble

A little pre-post note: I already tried to post this once and it got lost in "blog land". Very frustrating!

My son Mark finally talked me into allowing him to open an email account. Of course, I monitor it very closely and he only emails a few friends and myself. The other day I opened my email and this was what he wrote.

elo-moto mother. ive ben bored on the computer and i havent texed u so i did . so is your back feling better? um... i dont relly know what i should say so love ya by-by

Isn't that adorable? There is nothing like a note in your inbox from your kids. Mark is so compassionate. He always wants to make sure I've had a good day, or I'm feeling okay. I hurt my back a few weeks ago and he of course wanted to make sure my back was feeling better.

Going in another direction (because it's my ramble, and I can). Is anyone else surprised by Simon's behavior on American Idol. He's being so nice all the time. I am a huge Simon fan. I love the fact that he's very straightforward (and the accent doesn't hurt), he doesn't waste time trying to make other's happy. He tells the truth as he sees it, and that's it. Lately he's clapping along with the music, giving out numerous hugs and just being nice. LOL! I'm looking forward to another evening watching American Idol tonight, and trying to used to Simon's new niceness (if that's even a word - I'm sure Reese can tell me if it is).

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