Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Scrooge!

Yep..that is me. I am anti-Valentines. It seriously drives me crazy. I want my husband to show me daily how much he cares, not on a day that society tells him too. So, as a rule, we absolutely do not celebrate Valentines. But, tonight we did have an awesome family night. We took the kids to the gym and played racquetball for an hour. How fun is that!!

There is nothing like watching the kids smack their dad in the head with a raquetball! It's almost as good as smacking your hubby over the head with a limp dead fish when you are mad at him...nothing says love like that!

Despite the fact that I can't stand it....

Post by Heather


  1. So, while most of the world was staring lovingly into their beloved's eyes, you were relishing watching your one true love getting hit in the head?! Sweetheart, that goes beyond being a Valentine's Day Scrooge!!! The dead fish definitely has its proper time and place, but it's not Valentine's Day!


    You crack me up.


  2. I love how absolutely different you two are! And yet such great friends. I'm sure there are some similarities, too! You guys crack me up!

    We do celebrate Valentine's Day! Although, we do not appreciate the "pressure" to have to do something on that day. Especially when my sweet husband thinks that this is a holiday for the woman. The men are the ones that have to perform (not something I put on him). Truly it is the every day sharing of our love for each other that makes our relationship special. We had fun this year sharing what this holiday is with our kiddo's. "It's a day that we give to people, (because we) love them" said my boy. Then he said, "Happy Heart Day, Mommy".

  3. LOL!!! Every time Dan got hit in the head I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants - literally, I went running out of the room at least once in search of the bathrooms :)

    Lisa - you are right, Reese & I are really different and that's one thing we always have believed makes our friendship unique. We both respect and love each other enough to accept the differences and learn from each other. But, there are lots of ways we are a like too...that might be a fun post. :)