Monday, February 25, 2008

More Prayers Please

I feel like this blog is turning into "Heather's Whine Fest". My family is really sick. We are not the only ones going through this. Apparently there were 9 missing from my son's class today. My son still has a fever and headaches, my oldest also is enduring a bad cough and head ache, I have a horrible cough and no me, the list goes on and on. The school informed me today that this sickness drags on for weeks. You may think your child is okay, send them to school and by mid day their fever spikes up again and they are sent home.

I talked with my doctor today and was informed that this lasts about 3 weeks and frequently turns into pneumonia or bronchitis.

Well, I am done. My poor children are done. They can't miss so much school, I'm missing a lot of work, this is just overwhelming.

Anyway...see what I mean about my whine fest!

I'm going to take a little blog break (I think) but will be back when my family is well and I can think clearly enough to blog about something not as depressing as my family right now. Hopefully my next post will be about the wedding and the time spent on the mountain. It really was a highlight for me, one that I am not sure how to put into words, but I will try.

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  1. i think that is exactly the same as what we are overcoming on our end. chills, fever, violent coughing fits, etc etc....mine turned into bronchitis....but here we are 10 days on the other side and definitely better. not 100% but compared to a week ago we're doing amazing.

    thinking and praying for all of you. drink lots of OJ and eat lots of garlic sandwiches. (fresh garlic chopped up on bread with butter) it seems to help.....