Monday, February 11, 2008

One Reason I Don't Drink Milk...

Click on the pic for more info.
With apologies to Heather and Holly.

(posted by Reese)


  1. Oh no - you've ruined my morning. ;) I now have a scrunched up face with my lip curling up to one side. Eeewy. Must get this information out of my head!

  2. LOL! I know Lisa, it's bad. You should try having this discussion with Reese in person..and, I haven't even clicked on the button yet! :)

  3. Oh dear, Lisa. Did you click on the map of the US on that page? Idaho has more pus in their milk than Oregon. The milk we drink is from Wisconsin, which also has more pus than Oregon, but less than Idaho.

    I can't think about this too much or I get really sick to my stomach.

    "There's no reason to drink cow's milk at any time in your life. It was designed for calves, not humans, and we should all stop drinking it today."

    -Dr. Frank A. Oski
    Former Director of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University

    Sorry everyone. This is a subject I feel deeply, especially in my stomach!


  4. Okay, Okay, I did click on Idaho. It's bad.

    So does drinking Organic help at all? I guess you really truly don't know if "that" cow had a bad day and the dear farmer hooked her up to the machine anyways.

    So what did our ancestors drink? Cows milk, goats milk, something else?

    Still not enjoying the pictures left so permanently in my mind.

    Heather, you are a good friend to Reese. With all the "reality" she sends our way. Har, Har.

  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa - with all the "reality" she sends our way! Trust me...hanging with Reese brings you lots of interesting info...some that never leave your mind. Good luck getting those thoughts out of your head. I have to admit..she's been after me since September to look at that website and I never have. I looked at it today and almost threw up.

    Actually, Reese always gives me a new perspective on everything and I love it!

  6. Heather, Heather...

    Stuff that never leaves your head??? ME??? Can you say "MAN VS. WILD?" I feel fairly sure that there was some puss in that elephant dung.


    Lisa, we've been getting organic milk since we moved here, but I've thoroughly read the carton and it doesn't say anything about being pus-free. I'm not sure any sane company putting out edible products would want the word "pus" on their cartons, anyway, even if it was indeed pus-free.

    You know what organic means, right? It means they use poo rather than chemicals to fertilize the crops. POO. They were really big into poo in the German farming community where we lived and let me tell you- boy, howdy- organic might be better for you but it sure sticks!

    That's all the gross info I have for you all for today. I'll be moving tomorrow, so no worries about me coming back talking about restaurants slicing the lemons they put in your water with the same knives they use on raw meat, or the bed bugs that are spreading like wild fire through the world. No worries.



  7. Hmmm, Man v. Wild..that gives me a wonderful post for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  8. Oh my! Laughing with tears running down my face at the last comment there, Reese! Needed a good laugh like that.

    Heather, help I've fallen into her trap and I can't get out. I know - you did warn me - but I was naive into the depth that I would be taken.

    I am again on your side, Heather. I LOVE the Man vs Wild Show. We don't have cable at home, but when we do visit somewhere that does - it's the first show I look up. Absolutely fascinating. Definitely would take a glass of milk over the elephant cocktail.

    Thanks for letting me join in on the fun and hijacking your blog with my comments!

    Good luck with the move!
    Remember, to repeat this mantra several times a day, "boxes and chaos are not my enemies, they are my friends".

  9. Lisa - LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by and hijacking the comments section! We absolutely love it!!! LOL!