Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apologies, and the Mindless Rambling of a Woman Shut Away From Proper Society For Too Long

Man, I feel terrible. I committed to blogging every day for a year with Heather, then I abandon her. And while she's sick, no less. Heather, you have my sincerest appreciation for valiantly keeping up the blog, and my deepest apologies for crapping out on you.

Actually, I'm sitting at the library right now because we don't have internet at home yet. I haven't even left my house for nearly two weeks, other than a half day out with Tim last Saturday, because we only had one vehicle we could legally drive and Tim was using it for work. Today the second van passed inspection, so from here on out I'll have more freedom to leave the house, and I plan to tote the laptop with me in search of wireless internet on base so I can check in more often.

I hope you and your family are feeling better, Heather. Give McKenna a big sloppy kiss for me, and search her armpits for those ladybugs that I told her lived there! LOL!

It's Mother's Day this weekend here in England. I'm thinking of cashing in on it, and going back for round two in May. What do you think?! Is that fair?!

ALSO... anyone have Leap Day plans this year? Shouldn't we all celebrate that day when it rolls around? I just heard today that February 29th is the only day women are allowed to propose to men, but since I'm going on 15 years of marriage, I won't be celebrating that way. I'm thinking about something really bizzare (as any celebration of a day that is only a day once every four years should be) like eating purple oatmeal breakfast or skipping rope while singing the national anthem or making all my meals lemon-centered. Any other ideas?

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  1. Man, I have missed you. You are so darn funny! Eating purple oatmeal or jumping rope while singing the national anthem. Who thinks of these things? You crack me up!

    Don't feel bad, I figured you didn't have email. If you were really crapping out on me and just sitting at home watching to see if I would blog or not, then I might be mad...but, you are not and I understand :)

    Love you so much! Come back to us soon!

    I will check McKenna's armpits and let you know about the lady bugs :)