Monday, February 11, 2008

Us v. Them

Since Reese grossed us all out yesterday with her pus in the milk post, I thought I'd reverse things a little and take Reese back to a special night in December.

I love "out there" shows. Some of my all time favorites are anything with Steve Irwin, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Survivorman and my new favorite is Man v. Wild with Bear Grylles. Man v. Wild is similar to Survivorman. Bear goes out into the wilds and survives. Survivorman goes out into the wild on his own, films himself and teaches you how to survive. Bear goes into the wild, but he goes with a camera crew. Consequently, he can take more risks because he has a camera crew around him.

Several months ago they had a show on about the things he has eaten in the wild. Some of the things include bugs, camel spiders, dung, fresh raw fish, sheep eyes, and..well, you get the picture. 10 minutes into watching the show I thought to myself "I would love to watch Tim watch this show". Tim is one of the most entertaining people I know. He's very loud, very dramatic and you know exactly what he is feeling. Plus he gets grossed out really easy.

I saved the show on my wonderful DVR and waited for Tim and Reese to come to town. Well, come to town they did and one of the first nights of them being here, we tortured them, literally! I have to be honest that I didn't think about how gross the show is..I love it! I watch it constantly, and consequently I must be a tad immune to the grossness of it all. Hey, I'm not eating the stuff so it's no biggie in my world.

Well, let's just say they did not love the show! LOL! In fact, eventually (I believe when Bear was about to eat the sheep testicles) Reese left the room..she had enough!

Notice Reese hiding - she spent most of the show like that

Well, I think the pictures are proof. I was right, they were entertaining, but they truly were miserable. Sorry guys!

Here is a small taste of what they were watching.

That's a long post. I think I'd better go get a drink of milk!

Post by Heather


  1. Heather, It took me WEEKS to get those images out of my head! That parade of filth was truly one of the most disgusting things I've ever witnessed! It's so funny that you like that kind of thing, since you're usually a rather demure and proper person! (That's all a ruse isn't it?!)

    No wonder you can drink milk, it's a rather tame option compared to the liquid squeezed out of elephant dung and downed for breakfast! ("It tastes like rotting guts exploding in my mouth!"

    You're right about Tim being hilarious to watch. It's great that you know us so well that you can predict our reactions and plan ahead. LOL!

  2. I think my true personality comes out in the shows I watch! LOL! It's my secret life :)

    By the way, I'm having a hard time drinking milk these days..stinker! I told Dan about it and he says "that can't possibly be true". I think you've found your own way to torture the Thomson family.

    I think it's great that I can plan ahead to torture you guys too. Although, I doubt you would trust me ever again if I asked you to sit on my couch and watch this great show :) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!