Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol: Top 5 Elimination

Don't watch if you don't want to know who gets kicked off!! :)

Tonight was bittersweet on American Idol. Adam made it to the bottom three, an old favorite of mine was back on stage, Taylor Hicks!! I love that guy and Matt went home. Yep, that's the bitter part of the evening. We knew it was coming but it's sad.

So, Adam in the bottom three tells me that America isn't completely crazy and maybe, just maybe, there is hope that he might go home before the finals.

The bottom three were Matt, Adam & Kris. Every week they do the bottom three and then at some point they let one of the contestants go back to their seats. I thought for sure it would be Adam, but was Kris. So, bottom two are Adam & Matt. That gives me even more hope.

A side note: I was wondering who voted for Adam in our poll and, it was Amanda. It cracked me up! Go girl..she knows how to vote right!

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  1. I love Matt and thought I might cry when he finally went home, but Adam being in the bottom 3 obviously makes me happier than Matt going home makes me sad. I'm doing the happy dance!

    So, next week... is there still a bottom 3? How does it work once it's down to 3?

    I guess I'm a Danny fan now.


  2. Glad you're on board the Danny-train now, Reese.

    I knew Matt had to be the one going home. He just wasn't as good as the others, even Adam, as much as I dislike him.

    Next week is rock, which seems to be Adam's only forte. Stink!

    I am super-duper happy that Adam was in the bottom two. I think I've said before that maybe he would go home early because he was just that 'given' factor. The others are having to seemingly work at it, based on what the girl judges especially say. Go home, Adam, go home. Please.

    I'm curious about the bottom three thing, too. At some point that doesn't work anymore. When's it stop?

  3. I looked up Danny today on several websites, including Wikipedia. I am definitely a fan now. Heather said he is a Christian-- but he really is one!! Openly. And leads worship at his church and is involved in several ministries. The first concert he went to was dc Talk!!!! Now that's a guy I can get behind. Also, having been married and lost his wife, as well as being 29, he must be more grounded than the young tykes like Allison and Kris.

    I'm squarely on Danny's side now. FYI.


  4. Kiki was just dancing around the kitchen doing the "Danny Gokey":

    "You do the Danny Gokey and you turn yourself about..."