Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol: Top 5

Tonight was Rat Pack night. I was not looking foward to this because I didn't think I would know any of the songs. It turns out I knew almost all of them. It actually was really good tonight!

Kris did The Way You Look Tonight and it was fantastic, although Simon thought it was "wet" whatever the heck that means. Allison did Someone To Watch Over Me and she did a really good job. I loved her hair tonight, she had black in with the bright red. Matt did My Funny Valentine. Simon even said that at that point he was the only believable and authentic performance. Danny did Come Rain or Come Shine and he was INCREDIBLE! Simon actually said that he was stellar, unbelievable and there to prove a point. Adam did Feeling Good. Dan loved him, I personally thought it was theatrical and over the top, but I guess that is just Adam.

I think the bottom three will probably be Matt, Allison and Kris. I really don't know who will go home, but I'm not taking any chances, I voted for Danny 50 times this evening.

On a sidenote: Amy, awhile back you mention that Adam was rejected by his own mom but I've been noticing his mom sitting in the audiance. I remembered that there was this guy who was raised by his grandma. Is this who you are thinking of? If so, you don't have to like Adam due to guilt anymore. :)

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  1. Sorry hon, still an Adam Fan...lmao... you crack me up.

    He wasn't rejected by his mom, I just got the feeling she didn't believe in him or his dreams... Sure she is there now, he might actually make it...


  2. Oh man! I was hoping you'd say "You are so right!"

  3. Not gonna happen... You better vote for Danny 51 times next week.


  4. Oh, don't you worry, I will! LOL!