Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 (Again!)

Are you guys sick of my American Idol play by play? At first I was doing it for Reese, but last week I learned that she can pretty much watch the whole show online. I debated about doing it again, but it's something to talk about so I decided to go ahead :)

Tonight was disco night, and we are still the Top 7 since they saved Matt last week. Lil Rounds started the evening with She's Every Woman, and I wasn't impressed. I really thought she would be one of the powerhouse singers but it seems like she holds back every night. Next was Kris. He did She Works Hard For The Money. It was amazing. I thought it was going to be terrible, but he made it his own and a few of the judges called him brilliant. Then onto Danny, my favorite! He did September and as always he did a great job. Allison did Hot Stuff. I like her, but didn't like the song. Adam did If I Can't Have You and it was okay...sorry, still don't get him. Matt did Staying Alive. It was okay, I'm not sure it will save him this week though. Anoop did Dim All The Lights and he did a fairly good job. I think he gets better all the time, but I'm not sure he'll make it another week.

I'm not into disco at all, or this era of music for that matter, so most songs were very unfamiliar to me. I really don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. I assume the bottom three will be Lil Rounds, Anoop and Matt with Lil Rounds going home for sure. I think it's a toss up between Anoop and Matt. After these bottom three go home it's going to be a pretty tight competition in my mind. I'm thinking that the finals will be Danny & Adam but who knows how America will vote.

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  1. I agree with who your bottom three are: Lil, Anoop, and Matt...but remember two will be going home, so I agree Lil for sure and for the other I'd have to say probably Anoop.

    Both of their singing is just not as exciting enough...I mean a consistent exciting that is.

    Adam is consistently exciting to me...I mean you never know what he'll do...I think Kris may be copying him with that too now!

    So the final two in the end may be Adam in Kris or like you said: Adam and Danny.

    Kris is getting better, that's why I say he may make the finals, although Danny has been consistent but idk if he's been growing.

    So I'm curious to see if America, for the runner-up, will vote for consistancy or creative-improvement?

    AND for winner, will they vote for consistent-surprise? like I see in Adam

  2. I like your American Idol recaps, even if I can see the performances online. Keep doing them!

    I wont state any opinions since I haven't seen the show in a couple of weeks so my opinions haven't changed! I'm still pro-Matt and anti-Adam.


  3. Danny is still my favorite. Love him.

    Adam is still my least favorite. That was horrible what he did. Sorry, Demara. Love you, but not Adam.

    Heather, I started cracking up about being into disco and that era...could it be the fact that you are younger than it? I could sing along with most of the songs! Last week I got on youtube and found a montage so my kids could hear some disco and get a general idea of the genre. I could sing along with 80-85 percent of the songs. Not that that's a good thing...

    I actually thought Anoop did a horrible job. He was very off-key. I know they are supposed to mess with arrangements, but that song is normally fast, really fast, and it was sung by a girl. I don't usually mind Anoop, but I thought it was bad.

    Matt's wasn't bad, but I'm not sure America likes him since he's been in the bottom a couple of times. I think the last four finalist will be Allison, Kris, Danny and Adam. That's the best I can do. From there, I have no idea. I could be totally wrong though, and that's okay with me, as long as Danny wins.

  4. Kayren, I agree with your opinion of who the last 4 will be, as well as not being able to tell from there. I think Kris is better than Danny, but I also think Danny is a better entertainer. So who knows...


  5. I agree that the bottom four will be Kris, Allison, Danny & Adam and really they are all great. It will depend on how America votes. It's going to be close. I would guess that Adam would win it because people seem to go so crazy over him, but we'll see!

    My hubby votes 25 times for Adam every time...so, I figure that means I'm going to have to vote 50 times for Danny. 25 to cancel out Dan and another 25 for good measure :)

    Kayren - I only knew a few of the songs and I really don't enjoy it if I am not familiar with the music. I had no clue that Anoop's song should have been fast. I was familiar with Kris' song and was impressed with how he switched it and made it enjoyable. I hate disco week whenever they do it :) LOL!


  6. Heather,

    I didn't know they always had a disco week since this is our first year to watch. I might watch every year just to reminisce!

    Anoop's song was originally a Donna Summer song. I knew somebody had to sing a Donna Summer song...wouldn't be disco without it. It actually does start off slow, but then when the tempo picks up, it picks up fast, and when Anoop did it, he just did it wrong. You should check it out on youtube just to compare. Plus I don't think a guy can sing a Donna Summer song, except maybe Michael Jackson could pull it off.

    Dicontinue your husband's phone plan please.