Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Love Where I Live

Today around 4:00 Dan decided to go for a motorcycle ride, but then he decided he should wait for me to get off of work. That was a good thought. Some of you may remember, I love to go on the motorcycle. It's actually the place that I think and pray the most. I have nothing to do back there but thank God for the beautiful surroundings. There is no one else to talk to, so I may as well talk to the one who made it all.

This trip was especially beautiful because this one of the times in the year that everything is green and the wild flowers are blooming everywhere. The other especially pretty time of year is the fall, the colors are even more amazing then.

When we got to the look out point, here is the view that was waiting for us:

Also, McKenzie had her first set of surgeries today. She had a feeding tube put in her tummy and her lower eye lid done. She's doing very well and the surgery was successful. I'm going to Portland tomorrow evening with some friends for a girls' night away and then Saturday we will bring Bethany & McKenzie home! Please continue that she stays healthy and that there are not any complications.

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  1. We are contending the gates of heaven for sweet McKenzie.

    Thank you for the photos of home, I sure do miss it. We have a different beauty here, but not quite so familiar.

    Thanks again.


  2. Breathtaking! What gorgeous, gorgeous photos (one adjective was not enough but I couldn't think of another)!!!!!

    Praying for McKenzie and all of her family.

  3. Well, no wonder you love where you live! What a beautiful view on your ride!! Wish I were there:)

    So glad to hear that McKenzie's surgery went well...will be keeping her in my prayers!

  4. Did you take these with your new camera?