Thursday, April 2, 2009

Status Update

Go ahead, ask me if I'm still in Oregon. I dare you. 'Cause seriously, do you really think I'd be home after 5 1/2 weeks?! As it happens, I am still in Oregon. I was going to try to catch a flight today to Germany (where Tim is working this week, so he could meet up with me there) but you'll never guess what happened: the flight was canceled!!! Go figure!

Actually, Heather and I are such good friends that we're sharing a cold today. Isn't that generous of us? She's home from work for the second day and we're both flopped down on the family room couches watching tv in our jammies. She's humoring me and watching the Food Network. Or else she's too lethargic to change the channel...
UPDATE: Heather has influenza (as diagnosed by her doc) and both my possible flights for tomorrow (Friday) have been cancelled. Just another day in my new home.

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  1. If you have a cold, forget the earlier offer...don't come my way right now. :) I'm not always a good sharer.

  2. I love watching tv, or heck doing anything in my jammies except going out in public in them! Hope Heather feels better soon and you don't catch it.