Saturday, April 11, 2009

Everyone Needs Friends Like This

Everyone needs friends like Linda and Vicky.

Linda, when she called to check on Tim and the kids, was so surprised that I was home that she could only scream. Literally. She started screaming when Tim told her I was here and kept going for a bit after I got on the phone. If you don't have anyone to scream for you after a long absence, go find someone. It's priceless.

Vicky hugged me, stood back and said, "You've lost weight." That too is priceless, twice as much so when she repeated it the next day. Find one of these friends too.

Another sort of friend to get immediately is the sort that allows you to stay in her house for 6 weeks without a word of complaint. I have several friends who would likely do this for me, but this time it was Heather. A place to crash while visiting my sister and family is priceless, especially when the people I'm staying with are like family in every way but actual blood.

So many people took care of me, as well as my family, while I was away. Vicky, Linda and Javare' all took care of our kids when Tim had work responsibilities. Christina gave me incredible deals on Mary Kay products, Andreanna watched Ian for me, Billie Wii bowled with me for some lighthearted, stress-relieving fun, Holly offered her sweet smile and laughs over dinner out, and Hannah made me smile and cry and remember how blessed I am to have such a special sister. Mom drove me to the Air Force Base where I eventually got a flight out, Dad was his usual quiet and comforting self, Renato and Nancy took care of me as any parents would, and many more prayed for us during this time of separation.

Thank you.

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  1. You are truly blessed, Reese! But you probably already know that:)

    I hope you and Heather both have a wonderful Easter!