Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Hometown

I've finally begun sorting through the pictures I took while in America. Not a small task, since my Canon had 314 pictures, and I'm not sure what my Sony CyberShot has. Seriously, I wish I had taken more. I should have had my camera with me at all times. There are so many shots I missed.

This is from the cemetery where Jonas is buried. Isn't it awesome? I wish it had been a clear, no-clouds day; a picture without the clouds would have been nice. In the distance is a cherry orchard, not yet in bloom.

My hometown, from the lookout by the park. The morning fog and low clouds were just burning off; you can see them in the distance. Across the river is the State of Washington.

Ian and I enjoyed a sunny walk by the river. I was experimenting taking black and white photos, thinking I'd enlarge them and hang them on my walls but now I'm not sure. I like the color ones better, but I didn't get very many.

Eagles' Caves overlook the west side of town and are as much a part of the town as the river is. Many infamous things- both fictitious and not- have taken place there.

I love my town!

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  1. Those pics turned out so great. I have some pics of yours on my computer I think so I should put them on a disc and send them over :)

    You know, I have never been to Eagle Caves and I've never heard the legenday stories about them. Where have I been hiding?


  2. I adore the black and white photo. The first one is great too. I think the clouds are nice.
    This is a beautiful area to take pics in.

  3. My dad has been wanting to plan a family vacation to OR for a while now. I've always heard that it's beautiful, but we've never visited. Your hometown looks wonderful!