Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elimintation Night: Top 7

Don't Read If You Don't Want To Know What Happened :)

I have to tell you that when I first learned of the save on American Idol, I thought it was ridiculous. But, tonight, I'm glad they have it, and I'm glad they used it.

Tonight the bottom three was Anoop, Lil Rounds and Matt. I seriously thought that it would be Lil Rounds, I never imagined it would be Matt. But, I was wrong. It was Matt, and thankfully, they saved him. I grew to really like Matt by watching Reese, she really enjoyed watching him and I learned to appreciate his talent. He's really gifted, he's not always consistent, which is a big downfall for him so hopefully he can do well next week and stay in.

The bad news, next week two go home.

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  1. I kinda think Reese likes Matt because she has a thing for piano players, especially for the Italian kind with the last name of V______!!!


  2. I agree that Matt isn't always consistent. He IS an awesome musician and I admire his talent because he has taken it to the next level and added to his musical appeal by playing the piano-- he isn't just a voice. (I'm not sure, but can Adam say that??!!) I really, really like him, but I don't think he'll win. I will buy his album though, if he ever makes one!

    Amber, you know I have a thing for musicians, especially piano players. (I didn't like Kris much until I saw him at the keyboard.) Watching Matt playing the piano gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, but watching Tim play takes my breath away, even after all these years. Sometimes I have a hard time concentrating when he leads worship. :)

    And Anoop... poor guy. He'd have a real shot if the whole world was blind. 'Cause, come on, be honest, would we want to look at those bushy eyebrows and his nerdy clothing style all the time?! Sorry, sweetie, no. I think you'll do big things in voice work for commercials though. It's nothing personal, but life in the public eye is tough.

    Kris, I love you, but I'm not sure winning AI will be good for your marriage to that cutie who beams with pride every time you're on stage. I felt actual guilt voting for you a few weeks ago, as I felt like I was dooming your marriage. I'm not sure a newlywed couple in their early 20's could handle the pressure.

    I think Li'l Rounds will go next week. Maybe Matt too, just so that America has the satisfaction of sticking it to the judges. If not Matt, then Anoop.


  3. I was so glad they saved him, but it does concern me for next week, especially since it will be disco week....but it's one more week to vindicate himself and show America he is great! Matt is probably one of my favorites. I have to say that I didn't like Adam for a long time, but I can honestly say now that I want to see what he's going to do next every week, so he keeps it interesting.:) Danny's song really was emotional; you could see the tears in his eyes the whole time....I think he could definitely be at the finale.

  4. I thought for sure Lil Rounds would go next week with two going home until I found out it was disco week. That may save her, don't you think?

    I think Anoop has to go home next week, because I don't think he has a prayer of pulling off disco...

    ...which should be somehow right up Adam's alley in some showman's way, shape, or form...unfortunately.