Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elimination Night: Top 7 (Again!)

If you don't want to see what happened on American Idol,
please don't read on!
Tonight was sheer torture. I'm not a disco fan and they brought on some frightening scary people, who in their prime I am sure were good, but now are...not so good! Sorry Kayren, no offense if you enjoyed it. Eventually I just had to pause the TV so I could fastforward.

I was surprised when instantly Lil Rounds went home. Usually they drag it out so long but she was the first name they called and immediately told her she was going home. The second one going home is Anoop. He has come such a long way, but it was time.

The bottom three ended up being Anoop, Allison & Lil Rounds. I have to say I was SHOCKED about Allison being there.
Kayren - For the last couple of years they have done theme weeks almost every week on American Idol and disco week is usually one of the themes. Also, I had a good laugh about disconnecting my hubby's cell service. That's not a bad plan at all. I just double checked with him and he did vote at least 25 times for Adam last night.

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  1. Hasn't Allison been in the bottom 3 before?! Probably a sign that she'll go home eventually, likely along with Matt. Who does that leave: Kris, Adam and Danny? I would gladly watch Kris or Danny be the next Idol... sure hope it's not Adam. But as my daughter said today as I told her about last night's results: "At least it wasn't Adam; he's hot!" I think much of America has the same sentiments.


  2. Hi, girls,

    I tagged you both over on my blog, so go check it out. I did it individually since you are, you know, individuals.

    On the AI front, I'm hoping that it's not Adam simply because he's sort of the 'given' and that it ends up being Danny.

    So Reese, what are your feelings on disco? Or should I be afraid to ask?


  3. Kayren,

    I don't have terribly strong feelings about disco, possibly because I haven't heard it for a very, very, very long time. I don't think I've heard a single song any of them sang this week. (Though I haven't listened yet, I'm just going off Heather's list.) My initial reaction at the very word "disco" is to laugh.

    Just being honest...


  4. Reese,

    Oh, my! I just came back and read this. I was only reading on the other, more recent post. You are bashing me, girl!!!

    Okay, seriously, not one single song? I mean, some of them are even on commercials. I know you haven't lived in the states for a long time, but you visit, and you watched piped in tv in Germany, right? And they are classics...they are on at the grocery store, on the radio, at ball games, everywhere all the time...and have been ever since then. But you don't watch ball games except to make out, so you probably aren't paying attention to the disco music in the background. Gotcha!

    Not one single song? I'm still stunned. I'll get over it in an hour or twelve.

    I guess I'll confess that I could sing some of the words to every single song. I was able to tell my kids there would be at least one Donna Summer song, and when they said 'that doesn't sound like disco' I could sing in my hideous voice at the right/original tempo to illustrate how it was.

    Go ahead, make fun.

  5. Kayren,

    Tim and I watched the performances last night online and I only knew Stayin' Alive... but I think you'd have to still be in your mother's womb to not know that one. Tim knew them all and even offered opinions on who did better than the originals, or at least better than a previous remake of the original. I, on the other hand, couldn't name Donna Summers in a line-up of white women.

    We actually didn't get any American tv in Germany because we didn't get AFN. Here we only have British tv. But I wasn't in Germany in the 70's... I wasn't even born till 1975. That's my official excuse.

    Who told you I only watch ball games to make out??!! While that may have once been true (I "watched" a lot of the Portland Trailblazers the year before Tim and I got married!), I no longer need ball games as an excuse to make out. Since Tim and I slipped those rings on each others' fingers any sort of tv would only serve to distract from the magic.

    So, what can you tell me about The New Kids On The Block or Milli Vanilli?!


  6. I can tell you that Milli Vanilli are fakes, and one of them is dead.

    As for the New Kids on the Block, they are coming back out again, trying to be Jon Bon Jovi I suppose.

    Did I pass?

    And I didn't cheat.