Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Book Review: Missing Identity

This was a great book. I first heard about these families on a Matt Lauer special. I then saw them on Oprah. The book is very much the story that was told on both shows, so I knew how the book ended and much of the stories that were told, but it is written with so much grace.

If you don't know the story, it's about the Van Ryns and the Ceraks whose daughters are in a horrible car accident. I believe that five people pass away due to this accident. Their children are switched and the Ceraks believe their daughter has passed away and the Van Ryns are standing beside their "daughter" who is fighting for her life. Five weeks into the fight they realize that this is not their child, but it's actually the Ceraks' daughter, and their daughter has passed away.

You may wonder how they did not know it wasn't their daughter but after hearing their story, and reading the book, it's actually completely understandable. Not only did they not know, but the hundreds of people visiting her did not figure it out.

These families have an amazing testimony and they have allowed God to work through them in great tragedy. I am really in awe of the total peace that surrounds these people and am thankful that they decided to share their stories.


  1. Yeah, that was an interesting and heartfelt story, wasn't it!

    I feel like Oprah's shows are hit and miss, sometimes. Have to be careful of some of the messages she promotes.

    But, if either of you saw the show with Nate, where he was showing off the new technological gadgets for the home, there was a great one.

    A KEY-LESS entry for the front door.

    All you have to do is press your thumb print (is scans) onto the door and it unlocks. Tap it three times and it locks. Now all the manufacturers need to do is make one for the car, work, and other places. Then we wouldn't have to worry about loosing our keys! Problem solved. :)

  2. I actually missed that show! I tape Oprah every day and then decide which ones to watch. I agree, she is very hit and miss.

    A Keyless entry...that is what I need! A lady at work rented a key-less car, but you had to have a sensor on your key ring in order for the car to work. If I had everything key-less, then I wouldn't have to worry about resorting to carrying a purse ;)