Friday, April 4, 2008

Heather Has the Blahs

Heather told me yesterday via email that she has the blahs. That's entirely understandable, having so recently exited the humdrum month of March, a month that can't make up its mind as to whether it wants to be winter or spring, gray or bright, warm or chilly. Chances are it will only take another week or so for her body and mind to catch up to the realities of April and she'll be just fine. But in the mean time, I think it would be nice if we, as a community of caring sisters and friends, could offer her some suggestions to shake the blahs. Here's my contribution:

  • I think you need something extreme to shock yourself out of it. Nothing illegal or immoral or exceedingly dangerous. Maybe bungee jumping, rolling yourself in snow then jumping into a hot springs pool, or sky diving.
  • A really good, long laugh would probably do the trick, the kind that makes your sides hurt and you gasp for air.
  • You won't like this one: stop drinking Pepsi for one week and exchange it for a non-pop form of caffeine (to avoid the withdrawal headache), and in that time drink a whole box worth of detox tea. You might need to flush out your liver and kidneys of toxins. (If you go with this one, we need to see pictures of your face as you down the yucky tea!) If you want to really detox, you might consider homeopathic enemas, but we don't want to hear about it.
Anyone have an suggestions? How do you shake the blahs?



  1. I am up for any suggestions...I'm not sure I like Reese's ideas. Although, bungee jumping sounds like a lot of fun. There's no way I'm rolling around in snow!

    I think I might need a nice long vacation to somewhere warm!

  2. Well, ways that I cheer myself up are a little milder than bungee jumping. More like some shopping therapy (at TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Target or any antique mall), or getting my hair done, going out with my girlfriends or getting out-of-town, even if only for a day trip.

  3. a walk in the sunshine helps do it for me....

    or a clean house. of course I have to clean the house to get the clean house (which is always a bit of a battle)BUT in the end a clean house never fails to lift my spirits.

    :) hope your feeling better!

  4. OR a vanilla latte. :) mmmmm. that would work. :)