Thursday, April 10, 2008

Six Word Memoir

Catch You On The Flip Side!

Me & Ian

Me & Zach

Okay....I know you are all thinking "What is she talking about and how does that pertain to a Six Word Memoir about her?". Well, let me tell you! I couldn't think of any six words that would describe me. I could go the Pepsi route and copy Reese, or I could go the travel route, the mom get the picture, there are so many options. But, I can't get over those words "Catch you on the flip side".

I have to take you back...way back. Our families have been friends forever. We have had our amazing times, and our rough times. There have been times we have had to fight to keep our relationships in tact and we have had to start over a few times.

Sean, their oldest, was the first baby and I adored him from the moment I laid eyes on him. Sean is a beautiful person. He's so funny and sensitive. I love talking with him and watching him grow into a wonderful young man.

Christine has always had so much spunk. I love talking with her too. She is just so real and so funny! She made Amanda pee her pants three times on one of their visits several years ago.

This gets me to my point. When Reese & Tim left for Germany and had Zach and Ian, I knew that even though I loved these boys dearly, they would not be raised around me, and they would not feel close to me like Sean and Christine. Truthfully, that made me sad. When Holly & I went to Germany I knew that it was my chance to bond with these boys. I adore them and feel so very blessed that they now love me too!

So, we actually were able to speak on the phone a few weekends ago and little Ian sang me songs and told me that if he was going to share his cookies with me then I needed to come visit him. Zach told me that he doesn't live in Germany anymore but I need to come see him in England, and he told me how many bathrooms they have. I love that they want to talk to me.

After Reese and I chatted for a little while, Ian had one more thing to say to me and it was "Catch you on the flip side". I love these kids, and wherever the flip side is, if they are there...I will gladly go!


P.S. I know I am supposed to tag people, I'm going to have to figure out 6 people to tag. I'll be back with that later :)

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  1. Heather, That is so awesome! I'm so touched and honored that you love my family, and likewise that they love you and your family. This was an awesome post.

    Catch you on the flip side!