Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Time Waster

For the past several days now I have been telling Reese I would get my 100 things I love about Dan posted. I hate to tell you guys, I am on number 50..and, I'm stuck! LOL! I told Dan that and he said I needed to get creative, like Reese. Let me tell you, I am NOT creative. I told him to list a few things for me and everything he told me, I already had listed. So, I will think on it a few more days, and see if I can up with 50 more.

Instead of thinking up all the ways I love my hubby, I spent the evening Lost on an island with Jack, Sawyer & Desmond!



  1. You're so naughty, Heather! (Read that in a Scottish accent like Desmond's, swapping "Heather" for "brother"!)


    You know I've spent my fair share of time on the same island, and would continue to if there were any more I could watch!


  2. Tim says he could come up with 100 reasons he loves Dan! A few of his examples:

    1.) How he does that hand-clapping "bababadadabada" thing to the dogs.

    2.) His great singing voice.

    3.) How he practices a song until he gets it right.

    4.) He's a Mr Fix-It around the house and does all kinds of little projects.

    I think he had at least one more, but those are all that I can remember!


  3. Oh, yeah Tim..those are good reasons, except that I hate that stupid dog thing and I already wrote down that he can sing :)